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Lutterworth East Planning Application, Exhibition and Consultation - 22nd March

Good Afternoon everyone,

Following on from my last post, I can now confirm that, as stated last time, Leicestershire County Council will be holding an "exhibition" regarding Lutterworth East at the Wycliffe Rooms on Friday 22nd March 2019 - that is this Friday coming. The exhibition will run from 1pm until 8pm.

So, what is this exhibition? As far as we are aware it will be an event similar to the one last September, where Leicestershire County Council and Marrons their planners will tell you what the plans are for Lutterworth East.

Why now? Well, as you will know by now, they have submitted their planning application so the process for the creation of Lutterworth East has started in earnest. The planning application number is 19/00250/OUT - just click on this link and it will transfer you to the Harborough District Council Planning Portal. It should open on the "advanced" tab - if not, select the "advanced" tab, enter the planning application number, scroll to the bottom and click "Search", and you will get all of the details.

What does this mean? Well, we are now in the official planning consultation period. This means that you have the opportunity to make comments on the Harborough planning portal regarding the proposed Lutterworth East development. The consultation period started on Thursday 14th of March, and ends on Thursday 4th April - that's three weeks, and that's the legal requirement. Incidentally, if somebody needs planning permission for a conservatory, for instance, the consultation period for that is also three weeks. I accept, not much difference between a conservatory and a 2,750 house development that will take over 15 years to build, but hey!

Leicestershire County Council have said that they have sent 5,500 leaflets to addresses in the affected area, which obviously includes Lutterworth. I can't include a copy of the leaflet on this site simply because I haven't received one - and nor has anybody else that I have spoken to (with one exception).

Not surprisingly, I urge everybody (that can) to go to the exhibition, see what they are saying, and GIVE FEEDBACK. As far as we know, they WILL NOT be taking comments from the public, however this doesn't stop you giving the comments anyway. However, Lutterworth Town Council WILL be there, and WILL take comments from the public. Chiefly, the Town Council will want to know whether you support the proposals or not. Why? Well, the Local Plan requires that the masterplan (basically the overall plan that you will see on Friday) has the support of the public. If it doesn't, then this may mean that changes have to be made in order to gain that support. Let's use an example. If you think that building 2,750 houses is a good thing, if for no other reason that there is a housing shortage, then that's great. However, if you are worried about how the town will be impacted by the traffic and pollution caused by vehicles from these houses, then you may not be happy. If you think that the original concept of a by-pass is still a necessity, then you will also be unhappy. In which case you would object, stating your reasons, and this may help get the required changes made. Objecting won't necessarily stop the houses, but it may mean that the road systems are designed in a way that reduces the traffic and pollution issue. Another example may be that you are happy with the houses, but you think that they should be more environmentally friendly. As there is no requirement for them to have solar panels or heat source pumps fitted for example, you might want to say that you are unhappy, and give these as your reasons. If, of course, you are absolutely ecstatic about the entire development, you should say so ! Either way, give your views on Friday, but also please go to the Harborough Planning page (link above) and make your formal comments.

Other areas that you may want to think about (and before anybody says that I am weighting the argument in one direction, what I am about to give you are facts) are the following:

  • There will be a four lane traffic light junction 50 yards away from Bill Crane Way, where the new Spine Road will join the Leicester Road

  • The Spine Road will run directly along the side of the house known as "Silverside", and therefore along the back of the houses on the Gloster Way development

  • A new motorway bridge will be developed to allow the Spine Road to cross the motorway - there is an existing bridge about half a mile towards Leicester that is not going to be used for this purpose

  • The plans include the closure of Gilmorton Road to through traffic

  • The 2,750 houses will generate approx 4,000 more cars, based on the multiplier of 1.4 cars per household in the East Midlands

  • The plans include 57 acres of new warehousing, offices and light industry - none of this is on Magna Park, it is within the new development, and in the case of the warehouses is adjacent to the M1 junction

  • There will be traffic lights at the end of Bill Crane Way (in addition to the one's at the end of the Spine Road, 50 yards further along on the Leicester Road), along with two more sets on the road to Market Harborough, just the other side of the motorway junction

  • The M1 junction itself will be traffic light controlled

  • I have been told by Leicestershire County Council that the facilities that are included within the plans (Doctor's surgery, local shops, pub, cafe, Community Hall etc) will only be built of there is market demand or "proven need". I was told this at a meeting on February 27th 2019.

  • There are no plans for a by-pass, although LCC says that the Spine Road will be capable of taking HGV's, and that signage to the M1 will take HGV's down the Spine Road and through the new housing development, rather than along Leicester Road. Effectively therefore the traffic will stay within a residential area

  • In answer to questions that have been put to me, there are no plans for additional Dentists that I am aware of

  • The first Primary School has to be built in the September prior to the completion of the 300th house. Not sure where the Primary age pupils from the first 299 houses will be educated.

  • The is no provision of an additional Secondary school, although money for extra places will be made available if necessary. Not sure what the specific plans around that are

  • There are no plans for additional car parking in Lutterworth to handle the additional local traffic

  • Given the additional warehousing that will be on the edge of Lutterworth Town, as opposed to being on Magna Park, I'm not sure what the forecasts are for additional HGV traffic in Lutterworth itself. My assumption is that it won't reduce, but I haven't seen specific figures

This is the last time that you will be able to stand face to face with the planners and promoters, and ask them questions and air your views. You have until April 4th to put your comments on the planning portal.

You have a voice - please, USE IT, DON'T LOSE IT

Hopefully, see you on Friday !!

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