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Lutterworth Town Council - Press Release Regarding HDC Local Plan 2011 - 2031

At mid-day today, Lutterworth Town Council issued a Press Release detailing their position on the major points of the Harborough District Council Local Plan 2011 - 2031 (Schedule of Main Modifications). The points referred to in the Press Release are the key points that affect Lutterworth, although the formal response to HDC as part of the Consultation Process is more wide ranging. One of the main reasons for the Press Release was to ensure that the residents of Lutterworth knew the key points that were being proposed, and were aware of the Council's position on those points.

The Press Release can be found on the Lutterworth Town Council website at

Harborough Local Plan - LTC press release Feb 2019

Residents of Lutterworth should be aware that they still have the opportunity to comment on the Main Modifications of the Local Plan, however the Consultation Period ends at mid day on Tuesday 26th February 2019. Anything received after that date will be ignored. Comments can be sent as follows:

by email to,

or by post to Strategic and Local Planning Team

Harborough District Council

Adam and Eve Street

Market Harborough

LE16 7AG

This information has also been shared on The Town Council Facebook page, the Town Council Twitter account and the Lutterworth Town Facebook page, so hopefully it is getting widespread publicity.

This is important - while commenting on the Local Plan may seem to be a bit of an "anorak" exercise, it isn't. We have the opportunity to affect the rules that all future developments must comply with. If successful, we won't get planning applications that cause an issue, as they will meet the rules. If we don't bother, then every application for the next 12 years could bring the same issues, and the only way that they will be able to be fought will be through planning consultation - but this will have to happen individually for every single application that comes our way. Surely it's better to fight once, than every day of the week?

And the best way to change the rules is to get as many comments or objections registered as possible by mid-day on Tuesday February 26th. So, if you have any concerns, send that email or write that letter !



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