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Local Plan 2011 - 2031

Hi All,

My last post was about the Local Plan, which as you know is effectively the set of rules that any developer will need to comply with in order to be able to obtain planning permission for a development. It is therefore very important when thinking about Lutterworth East.

On Tuesday February 4th, the Town Council met to go through the Local Plan and to determine how it affects Lutterworth. The two hour meeting produced a set of recommended changes that will be submitted to Harborough District Council - however first of all they need to be ratified by the Council and this will take place at the Council Meeting on Tuesday 12th February (next Tuesday) at 7pm. The meeting will take place at the Council Offices by the traffic lights next to Morrisons. This is an open meeting, as all Full Council and Committee Meetings are, and the public are welcome to attend. Early on in the agenda of every meeting, there is a slot that invites comment from the public - no advance notice is necessary, so if you have a point to make you can just turn up on the night. If you are interested, then I have attached a link to the Council website, and also a link to the agenda for next Tuesdays meeting. If you read the agenda, the changes that the Council is suggesting are on page 10, headed

"Harborough Local Plan 2011 - 2031 - Schedule of Main Modifications 2019".

Town Council Website


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