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Communication Update - 28/11/2018

Hi All,

Just thought I'd let you know where we are at present. As you will have seen from one of the previous articles, at the Inspectors Hearing on October 10th Marrons, the planners, were told to take the plans away and make a number of changes in order to satisfy the queries and questions that the Inspector and the Town Council had. Harborough District Council (HDC) were also told to change their "policy" to ensure that the new plans for Lutterworth East demonstrated that the number of HGV's using the A426 Leicester Road (the main road through Lutterworth) would be reduced, or possibly removed altogether. They were then to come back and engage in full public consultation. Marrons and HDC agreed to do this (in reality they had no option), and Marrons said that the probability would be that they would re-engage in consultation in November.

I spoke with a Senior Planner at Marrons two weeks ago to try to find out how things were progressing. I was told that the revised plans were nearly complete, and they were undergoing environmental assessment testing. I asked what the next stage was, and I was told the following:

> The display boards, that show the plans, should be available in mid January

> Their intention would be to display these boards in the library, and possibly the Town Council Offices

> It was their intention that the boards would be un-manned - ie they would be there for people to see, but there would be nobody there to answer questions or receive feedback

> At the end of January, they intended to proceed towards the planning application

Remembering that Marrons were told by the Inspector that they needed to come back and engage in full public consultation, I pointed out that this could not be considered to be anything like that, and that they needed to comply with the Inspectors instruction. The Senior Planner agreed to take my comments back to his boss. Needless to say, I have heard no more.

Not to be deterred, I have now written to the Senior Planner's boss, the Planning Director by the name of Gary Stephens ( asking for an update on where we are, specifically :

1. Progress on the revised plans

2. The date at which they are likely to be complete and available for inspection.

3. The proposed dates of stake holder meetings

4. The proposed dates of the full, two way, community consultation as required by the Inspector

5. A statement regarding the proposed timing of any planning application

To be honest, I don't expect to receive a reply, and we will probably be treated like an annoying fly that will go away if you ignore it. Nonetheless, we will be able to demonstrate that we were calling for consultation and that the call was ignored, and this may have some relevance when the final plans ultimately go back to the Inspector for approval.

Clearly the fact that they are not intending to engage in further consultation is disappointing. If you want to send an email to Gary Stephens to tell him that consultation is expected, then his email address is above!

Will be back as soon as I have anything else.


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