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Brief Update on Lutterworth East - 19/11/18

Hello All,

Following on from the October meeting at Harborough District Council, where the Inspector gave his initial views as reported in my last article, things seem to have gone quiet. I therefore contacted Marrons, the planners, to see what was happening. As follows:

1. The revised plan, which should take in to account the recommendations made by the Inspector has largely been completed and is ready to undergo Environmental Assessment. This is where they model the noise pollution impacts, Air Quality impacts etc.

2. Marrons intend to update the Briefing Boards which many of you will have seen at the Wycliffe Rooms and in the Library.

3. They intend to hold another Stakeholders Day, where Lutterworth Town Council along with other interested parties get a chance to see the plans, ask questions, raise verbal comments / objections and hope to influence the final outcome.

4. Marrons then intend to display the boards in the Library so that the wider population of Lutterworth can see what is proposed.

As far as time scales are concerned, all of the above is expected to happen in January 2019. Marrons then intend to progress towards a Planning Application at the end of January / beginning of February 2019.

As soon as I know when the specific dates are, I will publicise them through the Lutterworth Town Facebook page, and also on this site. I intend to keep this site running so that any up to date information can be posted and put in to the public domain. While I may offer comment, as before, the prime reason is to ensure that if information regarding Lutterworth East is available, the people of Lutterworth have access to it.

If you have friends around Lutterworth who want to know more about Lutterworth East, please let them have the web address of this page. The more people that know what is happening, the better informed we will all be.


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